The Old Dominion Pharmaceutical Association is an organization committed to the spirit of service, seeking to build a solid network foundation with like-minded colleagues and to serve as a mentorship resource for Virginia's Student National Pharmaceutical Association chapters.


     The Old Dominion Pharmaceutical Association Chapter of the National Pharmaceutical Association is proudly led by the following members:

  • Leonard Edloe
    Leonard Edloe, BSPharm,
    PharmD, MDiv, FNPhA, FAPhA
    Chapter President
  • Starr Shands
    Starr Shands, PharmD
    Chapter Treasurer
  • Kalyann Kauv
    Kalyann Kauv, PharmD
    Chapter Secretary


     In the past, black pharmacists could not join the Virginia Pharmacists Association and, as a response, they founded the Old Dominion Pharmaceutical Association. Most members were store owners, and montly meetings were held on Sundays in Richmond, Petersburg, or South Hill. Members discussed issues affecting the profession of pharmacy, as well as new drugs and product updates. Up until the 1980s, the Old Dominion Pharmacy Association would hold banquets to honor its members with awards. In January 2019, the organization was restored as a new chapter of the National Pharmaceutical Association.

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